history of golf novel

Golf Stories To Get You In The Mood

history of golf novel

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just getting into the habit of making the perfect swing, this set of books should swing you into the mood. After an absorbing night of reading through your history of golf novel, you might be tempted to swing out your missus’s way and tell her that you’re off. Or slip out nice and quietly, hoping she’s not going to notice. You’re off to the golfing estate. You’re off to play another round of challenging golf. The night’s reading has inspired you and it’s swung you into the mood to have another go at improving your handicap. Good on yer, soldier. But history, as in a novel?

How odd is that? How can the history be fact if it’s all fiction? Well, truth be told, it checks out just fine. It’s an exceptional and worthwhile device that most accomplished novelists utilize to tell a really good story. They have the hope of sending out a specific message. Their story is given its realist bent with real history, as it happened, as the story’s backdrop. Also, the fictionalized account of something that really happened in history is designed to stimulate the reader’s interest in the historic event still further. You often find that the author makes things still easier for you. At the back of the book, at the end of the story, is a list of references to which you can turn for your further reading.

If not that, the writer has let you in on how he was inspired to write the story he just did and the lengths he went to write it. The history of golf is pretty extensive as things stand. It would be nice to take a break from instructions on how to improve your swing.

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