Aiken golf club

How to Clean Your Golf Clubs

Do you know how to clean your golf clubs? It is important that you have this information.  When you’re a member of a great Aiken golf club, you’ll be playing often and will find the need to clean the clubs frequently. Clean golf clubs improve your game in so many ways. First, it will improve your swing, the amount of power behind the swing, and the impression that you’ll make on other golfers on the greens. Luckily, cleaning the golf clubs is an easy task that won’t take much time.

Supplies Needed to Clean Golf Clubs

You can hire a professional to clean the golf clubs or you can DIY. Gather a few supplies if you plan to clean your own clubs. Make sure all the items that you need are on hand before you start cleaning. Items needed to clean include:

·    A bucket

·    Dishwashing detergent

·    Towel to dry the clubs

·    Toothbrush

Aiken golf club

Put warm water in a bucket and add a few drops of quality dish liquid.  Carefully put the clubs inside of the bucket, ensuring the head of each club is submerged into the water. Allow the clubs to soak for only three or four minutes each. This time is all that it takes to loosen dirt and grime from the clubs.

The Next Steps in Club Cleaning

Remove your golf clubs from the water. Take each of the clubs and use clean the grooves of the clubface using a toothbrush. The toothbrush is small enough to remove any dirt or debris that has built up inside the grooves. If you find it hard to get the dirt out of the grooves, soaking it may help.

Cleaning the golf clubs is a simple way to keep them looking great and improve your game play. It is beneficial to keep your clubs clean.